A Band Called Honalee has the audience on its feet

Members of A Band Called Honalee freely admitted they were in friendly territory in Pine Bluff. The group played to an enthusiastic and appreciative audience Friday, April 11, 2014 at The New Community Theatre in Pine Bluff. Foot tapping and hand clapping were evident early and often in the concert. For the grand finale, a rousing version of "This Land is Our Land," the audience could no longer remain seated and were on their feet singing and clapping. After the concert, the band stuck around to visit with the audience.

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    The band came out went full throttle from the get-go.
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    They gave an high energy performance and are excellent musicians
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    The performers and audience get up close and personal at the Community.
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    Our "Mary" look-alike.
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    For two songs, the band unplugged and came down from the stage. The acoustics in the community are so good the songs could be heard well in the back of the theater.
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    Peforming off the stage.
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    The audience was on its feet for the last song, "This Land is Our Land."
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    The bass player, with his son and wife swap conversation with members of the audience before the show.
The band came out went full throttle from the get-go.